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The Music of “Chris Brian Gussa” is legendary. You’ve most likely heard his music in a restaurant (or yes, even in an elevator) as background. Famous National DJ Rick Dees is quoted saying, “I play the hits but Chris Brian Gussa is the King of Background! His CD “Guitars of the Blue Cantina” is fantastic!"

Hi Folks, I'm Chris Brian Gussa. You can email me at

Welcome to my world! I have lived and breathed music since I was around five years with my first guitar. I spent so very many years on the road playing music in smoke filled bars and dance halls that I don't know how to act sometimes. I tried my hardest to quit the adiction of music many times! I would be OK for a while but then it always crept back in. I finaly just gave up and said, "I'm just going to make the best of all this" so I registered an ASCAP Publishing Company called Road Cat Music and published all my original songs and recordings. 

Even though I now own and opperate a large Natural Herbal Medicine business, (Plant Cures Inc) I still produce  jingles, videos and songs. As of lately I have found a great comfort in playing music for our cowboy church. I love to play for the Lord and It helps keep me sane! And yes, on top of everything else I raise Black Saler/Angus cattle and love to ride our horses on our ranch here in Arizona.

So here I am, just trying to stay out of trouble. Lord have mercy on us all!  

 All instrumental CDs are by 'Chris Brian Gussa' and all vocal CDs are by 'Chris "Uncle Gus" Gussa'  (I'm pretty sure It's the same person) Anyway, thanks to YouTube, I have lots of music to share so just keep scrolling down and turn your speakers up! There are lots of free downloads too! 

'Guitars Of The Blue Cantina'

The reviews call this album; "A wonderful balance of Latin rhythms and ultra fine Flamenco Guitar scale work with a blend of magnificent Blues and Rock style Electric Lead Guitar. Energetic, yet soooo relaxing"

Famous National DJ Rick Dees says: “I play the hits but Chris Brian Gussa is the King of Background!”  However, ”Guitars of the Blue Cantina” is so much more then just “Background music”. Many people are saying, “This is exactly the kind of music I’ve been looking for to play at home and in the office, but I can never find it in stores. It’s so energetic yet so relaxing. It’s perfect!

This album is sold by many cantinas to their customers who seem to always say, “Wow, where can I get a copy of this stuff?” 
This has been called "My Best Guitar Instrumental Album" by quite a few people. I don't know if that is true but it does contain very well produced original tunes. The main thread running through this album is Latin rythems with Spanish Flamenco Style lead guitar, alternating between acoustic and electric. 

Listen to all the full CDs by Chris Brian Gussa here   -  Here is one from this album you can can keep and save!  Cantina Delight

'Full Moon In Cancun' (Instrumental)

The reviews say; "
Chris Brian Gussa is a guitar player of distinction. ‘Full Moon in Cancun’ is packed with Latin and flamenco passion and flair. Though he may be  labeled the ‘King of Background Music’, no small claim in itself, every song on this wonderful CD has substance and personality of its own. Give it a listen; then sit back, relax, and close your eyes. You can almost feel your body sway to the swells of the south Pacific while relaxing to the music" 
Brian D. Holland  -  Modern Guitars Magazine

This album started  the blend of Flamenco lead guitar and Latin rythems with the heavey reverb surf music. It became known as  "Flamenco Surf " This became a sound that many people wanted to hear more and more of. The electric guitars are quite thick with reverb and the accustic guitars are crisp and clean with amazing scale work. The title tune, "Full Moon In Cancun"  is played in a fast moving mombo rythem.  Another favorite is  the tune called
"Be Pacific" This tune is best discribed as beauteful and melodic with sounds of the surf. 

The music on this album could easly be aplied to a surfing movie or ducumentry with outstanding results. When you hear this sound you will see why many people call it "addicting"

Listen to all full Chris Brian Gussa CDs here   
Here is one from this album you can keep and save!  Full Moon In Cancun

 'Tales Of The Flamenco Surfer' (Instrumental)

The reviews say; "Chris’s masterful Flamenco lead work on the acoustic is nestled into the “wettest” and most island like Surf-rock sound you could imagine! Fully produced with Latin rhythm using piano, bass, marimba, bongos, shakers, Brazilian Rosewood sticks etc. This is truly some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear"

This is as "Flamenco Surf" as it gets. True 60's surf music with true Flamenco scale work. True classical guitars are used as well as true Fender electric guitars with lots of reverb. It is all combined with perfect inter-play of the two guitar styles and a blend of many natural Latin percusion instruments. 

This music was influenced by my great atraction to the ocean and all the surfing I did when I was young.   
It is also influenced from the mexician guitar scales I herad so much of growing up on the border. These all original songs just sort of "rolled out of my head" in only about a months time. It was a lot of fun to produce. My favorites are:
"The Flamenco Surfer" -
"Days of The Long Board"  -  "Riding The Waves Like A King" and "Santa Ana Winds".

Listen to all full CDs by Chris Brian Gussa here     Here is one from this album you can keep and save!  The Flamenco Surfer

'Flamenco On The Rocks' (Instrumental)

The reviews say; "Besides the incredible guitar work, There is wood flute, piano, and even Mariachi style trumpets used in some of the tracks while bongos, shakers, and Brazilian Rosewood sticks provide the classic Latin beat in all the tracks. No conventional drums or "rhythm machine" is used and dance is to say the least, strongly invoked! 
About half the tracks are “Bare Bones Classic Hot Guitar” stuff with a strong bass and rhythm section and the other half have production with fully orchestrated “film score” type backing: all done the real way, played one track at a time with no “midi sequencing” Just carefully thought out and perfectly executed arrangements"

This album is full of original theam type music made for film production or documentries or just for listening and imagining things.  Visuals like: "Happy, sad, rain, big war ships of old, Jazz clubs, Fiesta, Pruvian Natives and others become alive.  It is fun music to listen too and even more fun to add to video production. 

Listen to all full CDs by Chris Brian Gussa here   Here is one from this album you can keep and save!  Pruvian Dreams 

'Hotter'n Yazzar's Hooey!' (Vocals and Instrumentals)

This album is the first one I ever recorded, It has got a lot of diferent styles in it including Jazz, Folk Blues, Old Style String Swing and Bluegrass.
The title song,
"Hotter'n Yazzars Hooey" is full of the old Django Reinhardt style lead guitar work with a vocal in the middle of the tune.

The old Bluegrass fiddle tune,
"Black Mountain Rag" is flat picked on guitar and for the first time a vocal was written for the middle of the tune. I got to pickin' a little bit  fast  on the old flat pickers tune, "Under The Double Eagle"  

y favorite piece on this album is the old Jazz  tune called  "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" played instrumentaly in the Django Reinhardt Guitar Style. This tune is played in two diferent tempos, my wife, Heidi sings a vocal in each.

You can listen to all CDs by "Uncle Gus" by going here     Here is one from this album you can can keep!  Hotter'n Yazzar's Hooey!

'Turn Up The Blues-a-lator'
Vocals with lots of blues lead guitar) 

Here's what the top reviewers are saying about Uncle Gus's CD; "Turn up the Blues-a-lator": "Chris Gussa AKA Uncle Gus is one HOT supercharged blues machine. His guitar action is beyond the excellent stage, his lead is precise, strong, crisp and clear. Uncle Gus' musicianship is the absolute ultimate. 

The reviews also say, "12 original blues tunes from the finest blues guitarest you'll ever hear"  

Country and Electric Blues has always been a major part of my music. The Album, "Turn Up The Blues-a-lator" is a very good example of my Electric blues style guitar, my "growling" voice, my harmonica style and my music writing concept of "Blues being fun insted of sad"  My Favorites are 'Turn Up The Blues-a-lator" - "Blues From A Buick"  and "Big Juicy Burger Blues"  but it is all quite good. My concept has always been, "Blues is the perfect excuse to play lots of lead guitar"

My wife, Heidi sings on
"Good Morning Mr. Blues"  

You can listen to everything on this album by going here.  Here is one from this album you can can keep!  Blues From A Buick


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